February Newsletter Pediatrics

Gray Spot on Your Child’s Teeth? With all you have to worry about during those early years with your little ones, you wouldn’t think tooth discoloration would be one of them. After all, their teeth are new and haven’t had time to be stained by years of coffee drinking 🙂 Well, tooth discoloration in baby…


February Newsletter

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Fish? Fish. Buttery, lemony, pan-fried to perfection with a dill cream sauce over a nice rice pilaf … is your mouth watering yet? Or maybe you’re the breaded and fried and stick it on a sandwich type. Maybe you consider eating fish a rare treat, since it’s…


January Newsletter Pediatrics

Broken Tooth? Don’t Panic When it comes to winter sports, you know that the only people who don’t fall are those not doing anything fun or creative. Not your kid, right? They have to make it interesting, they have to push their limits a bit — and that means they’ll see their share of wipe-outs…

5 must read health books veera family dental

January Newsletter

5 Must-Read Heath Books Raise your hand if you need another diet book in your life. That’s what we thought 🙂 Traipse through your local bookstore and you will get to choose from thousands of titles related to health, weight-loss, short-term diets, and long-term “remove all fun from eating” regimens. Not to mention, you’ll see several…

December Newsletter | Veera Family Dentistry

December Newsletter

5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season For some, any mention of “the holidays” is itself stress-inducing. Starting with the great American holiday, Black Friday, things can get pretty tense during all the preparation. Presents to buy, schedules to coordinate, family drama, and holiday weight gain top the list of many people’s worries. Well folks,…


Cut the sugar, not the flavor!

October, Fall, pumpkin-spice-everything, Halloween, treats, candy…the start of the Holidays has begun! To a lot of people, Fall means that Halloween is coming, which means Thanksgiving is coming, which means the Holidays are coming, which means that January is coming when you feel all sorts of guilty over how much food and sugar you’ve consumed.…