Gray Spot on Your Child’s Teeth?

With all you have to worry about during those early years with your little ones, you wouldn’t think tooth discoloration would be one of them. After all, their teeth are new and haven’t had time to be stained by years of coffee drinking 🙂 Well, tooth discoloration in baby teeth is more common than you think. If you take a close look at your little’s chompers, and find they’re not all toothpaste-commercial-ready, here’s what you need to know… Read more

Keeping Your Child Calm for Their Dental Visits

While adults may dread the slow’n’steady approach of an impending dental visit, that same sort of trepidation doesn’t have to be to be part of a child’s experience when their own appointment draws near. Most of the fear we’ve amassed about a trip to the dentist is, unfortunately, learned behavior. Just as it is with food and music preferences, our fears are often conveyed upon us by our friends and family – a little bit of “learning,” that can be tamed by projecting less and leaving the real instruction to the person who is best at it… Read more

How to Plan for the Removal of Your Teen’s Wisdom Teeth

Chipmunk-city. Remember what it was like to have your wisdom teeth pulled? If the swollen mouth, teasing siblings, and new-found appreciation of what it’s like to have a tooth knocked out aren’t enough… there is the blood. Ah, yes, the blood. You wish you could stop reading now, right? It’s really not that bad. Gross, maybe, but it becomes a passing memory fast. If your dentist has suggested your teenager have their wisdom teeth extracted, here’s what you can expect as you prepare for the day of surgery and immediately thereafter… Read more

Keep Your Kids Protected on Facebook – Privacy 101

Does the idea of your kids on Facebook freak you out? We get it. We also like to think Facebook is a little freaked out about it as well, because they’ve designed a lot of safeguards into the platform to allow you a healthy degree of control over what’s shared online both publicly and privately. When combined with other common-sense privacy measures, we’re certain you’ll be able to sleep better at night. Let’s see what’s behind the Facebook privacy curtain and get you sorted out… Read more